10.4.1941 9-8-99

This site is dedicated to absolute devotee of Gurudev Shri Kantilalji Jain , who dedicated his life in order to propagate the teachings and peaching of Gurudev to the entire world through publications of various books, literature and an exclusive religious bulletin - 'SHANTI-JYOTI'. The publication of Shanti-Jyoti was founded by his father late Shri.Champalalji and after his death he took over this responsibility as editor and till his death he provided his honest services for regular outcome of its informative and awaited issues.He undertook the work of each addition with zeal and mission mashed with the work itself.

He was associated with the functioning of various activities at the great holy tirth MANDOLI, in order to uplift the infrastructure facilities for the incoming gurubhakts, devotees of Gurudev, since its inception.

For the past few months we have been using Internet at our Mumbai residence and one day we thought why not to develop a site on Gurudev. Thus, when I was at Joghpur in the last week of July'99, I discussed this idea with my father, late Shri Kantilalji about developing an exclusive site for Shree Shanti Gurudev. When I explained him how his relegious bulletin Shanti-Jyoti can be reached to million of people world wide through this electronics media, he became very enthusiastic.He was quite excited about it and asked him to undertake all the activities in this direction at the earliest.

The nature always plays its role. Man proposes God disposes. I came to Mumbai on 2nd August and started the work immediately. The day on which I got registered the domain name, the person, my father, who was pioneer of this mission left us for his long voyage. He was no more to see this development. I am unable to express my feelings because the co-incident was really beyond my understanding. I got a message around 11.30a.m from my web-designer that Mr.Jain your Gurudev's name has been registered and initially till the site develops fully, they are uploading Guruji's photo only and you can pay homage to them on net now. I was suppose to convey this hosting message to my father in night but the nature did not allow me to do so. My desire remained unfulfilled that he could see his Gurudev on the net. His departure has created such a vaccum, cannot be filled with. We pray God to strengthen ourselves in order to continue his mission and we dedicate this holy site to him and his mission of bringing our Guruji on the map of this universe.